* If you are interested in me making you a piece like this or similar contact me via the contact page as this particular one is on hold/sold.

This Piece was hand beaded by me two years ago, when I had a fantasy to make a 1920' inspired necklace that hugs the neck and the shoulders the same time, and will be unique and stunning one of a kind jewelry.

I am so happy with the result – it's exactly what I meant it to be like: made of dozens of tiny pearls and crystals, curled by hand on an antique gold eye pins, and I embedded metal filigrees with Swarovski rhinestone and pearls and very thin gold chain between them.

This special necklace is versatile for many wedding styles; from classic summer to an occupied elegant evening.

This shoulders necklace fits beautifully on the neck and the shoulders and looks the same from behind as on front, but with two silver sterling clasps set with crystals and pearls. It can be easily worn with strapless white dress or with silk dress 1920s style..

I can only imagine this on some special girl's neck and shoulders on her wedding day. Let your imagination run wild at where you could take it!

This piece is 100% HAND DECORATED.

All of the items in my shop are handmade by  Efrat Davidsohn.

Your necklace will get to you in a beautiful gift box with a tiny ribbon.


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